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AABS is using the MOTMOT curriculum. MOTMOT is an acronym for: Mobilization of Teachers through the Multiplication of Teachings. The author is Dr. John J. Mannion.

About the Author

Dr. John Mannion created the MOTMOT materials based on his missionary, teaching, and educational experiences. He has served as a full-time missionary teacher in Democratic Republic of Congo, Argentina, and Guatemala, and has been a conference teacher in many other nations.

MOTMOT was birthed out of his desire to provide teaching resource materials for indigenous church leaders around the world. Dr. Mannion is the founder or co-founder of a variety of ministries including four Bible Colleges. He has significant ministry experience as a missionary, pastor, and Bible College, University, and Seminary professor, including service in the Graduate School of Oral Roberts University as Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Director of Modular Education.

Dr. Mannion holds the Master of Divinity degree from Regent University and the Doctor of Ministry degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Audrey, have five children.

History of the materials

Dr. John Mannion states, "This ministry was born out of a desire to provide teaching materials for leaders in Developing Nations. After being a missionary in three different parts of the world, I recognized the need for a transition that must occur. Most traditional 'mission fields' are no longer mission fields. Churches are well established and able to function effectively by themselves. The Lord showed me how to move to the next level in order to help teachers become better EQUIPPED. Leaders of established churches in developing nations do not lack ability, but they do lack tools. Thus, MOTMOT was created as a tool for them. It can be used immediately and effectively by existing church leadership to teach, mobilize, and equip their own people. They should do the teaching themselves, because they are very capable of doing it themselves. MOTMOT simply provides a tool to do this task. The purpose of these materials is to enable the teacher to equip others to teach."

Design of the materials

MOTMOT I: A set of MOTMOT I consists of 49 courses, totaling 700 instructional hours. There are 28 courses of 10 hour length and 21 courses that are 20 hours. Below is an overview of the courses included in MOTMOT I

Doctrine & Theology Relationships Bible Study Church & Ministry Missions Christian Life
Teachings of Jesus I Knowing God I Intro. To Bible Study Christian Leadership Practical Evangelism Christian Character
Teachings of Jesus II Knowing God II Bible Study I Church Government Foundations of the Great Commission Faith
Teachings of Jesus III Prayer and Fasting Bible Study II Church & Sacraments Missions I The Sermon on the Mount
The Gospel & the Kingdom Praise and Worship Bible Study III Practical Discipleship Missions II Ministry to the Poor
Redemption & Salvation Church Fellowship Bible Study IV Church Discipline Missions III The Bible and Money
The Holy Spirit Small Groups Old Testament I Church Growth/Revival Church Planting Proverbs: Talking and Relating
Angels and Demons Marriage Old Testament II Pastoral Counseling Islam
Authority, Allegiance, and Scripture Old Testament III Preaching and Teaching Spiritual Warfare
New Testament I Gifts of the Spirit
New Testament II
New Testament III

The following certificates, advanced certificate, and diplomas are awarded with these courses: Certificate in Christian Leadership, Certificate in Missiology, Certificate in Christian Counselling, Certificate in Church Administration, Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies and Diploma in Biblical Studies.

MOTMOT II (To be taught when MOTMOT I is completed): A complete set of MOTMOT II consists of 13 courses, totaling 210 instructional hours. There are 5 courses of 10 hour length and 8 courses that are 20 hours.

Practical Ministry Practical Theology
Ministry Development Theology of Ministry
Ministry Revitalization Christian Spirituality
Ministry Vision & Planning Fasting as a Means of Grace
Church Administration Christian Ethics
Advanced Preaching & Teaching 1st Timothy: Part One (1:1 – 20)
Practical Missions 1st Timothy: Part Two (2:1 – 3:15)
Family Dynamics

Three Advanced Diplomas are offered with these courses: (Practical Theology, Practical Ministry and Practical Missions). Each one has specific thesis requirements.

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