Africa Association of Bible School


AABS provides a package of resources which can be used for on-site leadership training. The main component in this package is 49 courses of Bible curriculum, titled MOTMOT I, which are bound in 6 volumes. At the completion of the MOTMOT I courses, an additional 13 courses of theological curriculum, titled MOTMOT II, are available for study. Most of these courses are available in the English and French languages.

Benefits available to member schools:

  • A place to belong
  • Connections with other Bible school directors for:
    • Fellowship, support, encouragement, friendship New ideas for your Bible school
    • Exchange of lecturers and church pulpits nationally and internationally
    • Prayer support
    • Sharing of the needs of the school with other directors and working together to meet them (II Cor 8)
  • A set of our 49 course theological curriculum, which is available in both the English and French languages. Additional sets of these courses may be purchased at the cost of printing.
  • An additional 13 courses of theological curriculum available for purchase in both the English and French languages. Other additional curriculum materials as they become available
  • Certificates, advanced certificate, diploma and advanced diplomas endorsed by AABS for all qualified graduates. (AABS is ecclesiastical in nature, therefore these diplomas and certificates are not accredited)
  • A certificate of membership from AABS
  • A packet containing many documents and a booklet with many ideas for the operation of your school
  • International equipping conferences for the head and staff of your school
  • Encouragement, advice, prayer and possible visits from the AABS staff and partners
  • Resources for the library of your school, when available
  • Opportunities to travel to other countries - in a group, lower rates and travel plans arranged by others

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Our Mission Statement

AABS exists to empower the local churches of Africa through helping to establish independently operated Bible schools, providing Biblical teaching resources, and encouraging pastors and leaders.

The Vision of AABS

The Africa Association of Bible Schools is a voluntary association of likeminded independent Bible schools in Africa. By uniting together we can share resources and experience in order to increase our effectiveness in teaching believers and training ministers.
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