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Our History

In 2004, AABS was begun under the name of Agape Association of Bible Schools with the vision to empower churches that wish to provide local theological training so that men and women would not need to leave their town or village to attend a Bible College. A package of resources supplied by AABS can be used for on-site leadership training. We believe the training of leaders for the church and the Kingdom of God can be increased exponentially if it is made available "on-site", that is, in the local churches and communities across Africa and beyond. AABS does not own or run these Bible Schools, instead it assists by providing materials which strengthen their work.

By God's grace AABS has had resounding success and enjoyed steady growth each year. In 2006 it reached the milestone of resourcing Bible Schools in all 10 regions of Ghana, as well as several more African countries. In 2009 AABS appointed a national director in Nigeria, to oversee the member schools there and expand to even more schools. The following year a Ghana national director was appointed and in 2011 God provided a national director for Togo and Benin.

In January 2011, AABS joined Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM), a large and experienced mission organization in Pennsylvania, USA. At that time its name was changed to Africa Association of Bible Schools, which reflects their vision to expand across the African continent. God continues to enlarge the borders of AABS and give it new opportunities. In 2011 AABS began offering a 62 course curriculum to Bible Schools and in 2012 opened a branch office in Nigeria. By 2013 there were over 500 member Bible Schools in ten countries equipping leaders to disciple the nations while building the local church. Additional Bible schools have been resourced with the AABS curriculum in 4 other African countries and several countries of Asia and Europe. As God leads, AABS anticipates expanding to many more countries and opening additional branch offices across Africa. May God be praised.

Glory be to God, by His grace AABS has enlarged its borders tremendously and as such from the 1st of Jan. 2018 AABS has transferred from being under the authority of EMM to being governed by a Board of Directors in the US. EMM continues to highly endorse the AABS ministry

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Our Mission Statement

AABS exists to empower the local churches of Africa through helping to establish independently operated Bible schools, providing Biblical teaching resources, and encouraging pastors and leaders.

The Vision of AABS

The Africa Association of Bible Schools is a voluntary association of likeminded independent Bible schools in Africa. By uniting together we can share resources and experience in order to increase our effectiveness in teaching believers and training ministers.
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